Porter Classic



Warm-up and Call to Start

For all IJS events, we will utilize the 1 minute Warm Up and Call to Start procedure. The first team in an event, and after any ice resurface within an event, will be given a minimum 1 minute warm up prior to their Call to Start. Teams may utilize the 1 minute warm up as they wish. After the Call to Start by the announcer, teams will have 1 minute to take their starting position, but may arrive there earlier. All alternates should be off the ice before the music starts. For all non IJS events, the Assistant Referee may wrap the team along the boards when the previous team has exited the ice (same procedure that we did last year).

Competition Announcement

Competition Entry Form (right click on link to save the file to your computer)

DVD Order Form (copy and mail directly to Ledin Video)

Advertising Form - Coming.

Download the Competition Announcement and the Entry Forms using the links above. The Entry Form is in Adobe PDF format and can be easily filled in by tabbing from field to field. Instructions are on the first page of the file. Please read the instructions and make sure you understand how to fill in the needed information. When complete follow the directions to submit your completed entry to us. MACs and some other computers do NOT use Adobe Reader as the default program to read PDF files. If you are using Adobe Reader your screen will look something like this:

print screen

Note on the top line '2016 Porter Entry Forms.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC'. If you see this you are using Adobe Reader.

If not, you can download a free Adobe PDF Reader from the link below.

If you wish to advertise in the program download the Advertising Form above.

The schedule will be similar to last year. We may still need to limit entries so be sure to return your applications quickly.

Adobe Reader

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